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released August 31, 2016

Tracked and mixed by Mark Perry @ The Shed
Mastered by Dan Randall @ Mammoth Sound Mastering
Artwork by Will Rudlin Design



all rights reserved


ENDLESS Sunshine Coast, Australia

Sunshine Coast Hardcore - Queensland Australia

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Track Name: Youth Undone
We can overcome
The years of damage done
Stand up and make a choice
Stand up follow our voice

Fight for your right
Our time is now

Tomorrows youth come undone
From all our lies we have spun
Stand up don't follow the crowd
Stand up and make us proud

Fight for your right
Our time is through

Stand up and make a choice
Track Name: Injustice
I would do anything
Just to get you back
Just to see a smile again
Bring my tears back
It'd make our sun shine bright
Like the old days did
You didn't come from nothing
But you did more than I could

Now your gone, life taken away
As soon as it begins, it's soon gone again

I can't reflect
On the boy I left behind
The man I'll never meet
Just Bring my tears back
Thinking of how you were ripped
Away from us
Some fucking legal system
Let us down

Your mother weeps
Your sister still can't sleep
That mother fucker still walks free
Among everyone

Every nights a cold night
When your two feet from hell

Now you can't go back on
The life that you took away
Track Name: Choke
Your horror Silenced once again
We'll never hear your name "my friend"
You suffered silently
Hidden by a media cloak
Strangled until you choke

It's our government interest
To stop the masses of genocide

Our honour questioned once again
We'll never be called a friend
We chose to sit on idle hands
Thinking of the profit
Strangled until they choke

What's really compelling
Is our own back door deals
All the massacres they warrant the steal

We'll never see you face
You suffer silently
Hidden by the fucking cloak
Strangled until
Strangled until you choke